Friday, July 01, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 2

Annabelle had class this morning, so Fred and I were on our own. We started with breakfast at the Lagkagehuset a couple blocks away from our apartment and then set off for the Botanical Garden. We climbed up to the viewing platform in one of the greenhouses, but I was dying of heat and humidity and didn't take any pictures. I did snap a few as we walked through the rest of the gardens:

We strolled around the grounds of the Rosenborg Castle, which dates back to the early 1600s:

Queen Caroline Amalia of Rosenborg in the rose garden:

The Boy on the Swan:

HC Andersen (and Fred):

From the castle, we walked toward the Marble Church and the harbor. We didn't stop here, but Fred took a picture:

I plotted a course that would take us past the Alexander Nevsky Church, the only Russian Orthodox church in Copenhagen. I was very confused when I was sure I was in the right spot but couldn't find it. After a moment or 2, we looked up and saw the onion domes reflected in the building across the street. The church is so tall and the street so narrow that you can't really SEE the church until you're a block or so away:

The Marble Church is a couple blocks away from the Nevsky Church, and it is really impressive:

We walked a couple blocks further to the palaces at Amalienborg:

From there we walked along the harbor until we came to Copenhagen's number one tourist attraction. Wish we could be part of her world:

By this time, Annabelle had gotten out of class. We agreed to meet at a department store in town. We passed by the Gefion Fountain and St. Alban's Church along the way:

We met Annabelle at Magasin du Nord:

There was a very classy "food" truck out front, but we didn't partake:

We wandered down Strøget, which is a very cool shopping street, and did some window shopping:

I insisted that I needed some cake, and Annabelle said that there was a cool looking bakery just around the corner from her apartment, so we went there. It turns out Conditori La Glace is the number 3 rated Copenhagen bakery on TripAdvisor! We split a piece of Black Forest cake as well the Karin Blixen cake.

Annabelle took us to the building where she goes to class and showed us a little Australian bar that she is fond of:

Note the rodents. Remember them from our travels in Germany? They have been documenting their European adventures this summer on Instagram at Copenhamster.

7-Elevens are very fancy here in Copenhagen:

Fred found this plate in an antique shop on Annabelle's street:

We didn't buy it, but we thought it was interesting to see it here.

We ate supper at Ristorante Italiano, another cool place just around the corner from Annabelle's apartment. We went there because the weather is a little chilly, but they have outdoor heaters and blankets at each chair. Very cozy! Another rain shower passed over while we were eating, so everybody under the awning scrunched in even closer. One of the waitresses caught rain as it ran off the awning to keep it from hitting a table:

Everybody stayed cheerful though:

This was a jam-packed day, and I think I might have set a personal record on my FitBit:

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