Thursday, June 30, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 1

Our view this morning:

We landed in Copenhagen ahead of schedule and cleared customs and got downtown crazy-fast. We figured we would have to wait until after Annabelle's class to meet up with her, but she was able to come get us from Starbucks and lead us back to her apartment. We were quite a sight, I'm sure, dragging our luggage through the rain:

We left the bags at Annabelle's room while she was in class and met up with the key delivery service for our Airbnb a half-mile or so away. This was our first Airbnb experience, and it was truly fabulous. The apartment was exactly as it looked in the online ad, but the ad didn't do a good job of showing how spacious it was:

The apartment is across the street from the Reformed Church in Gothersgade with Rosenborg Castle just beyond that:

Fred and I took a little nap on the couch for a couple hours. After class Annabelle got our phones set up to work in Denmark and took us to Paludan Bog&Café, one of her favorite lunch spots.

We saw these charming birdhouses a couple blocks away from our apartment when we went out for groceries:

I was so happy to fall into bed and so grateful for blackout curtains. This was the view from the bedroom at 10:05 p.m.:

FitBit goal accomplished:

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