Sunday, July 03, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 4

This morning we met Annabelle for breakfast at one of her favorite coffeeshops. I had my usual chocolate croissant but decided to get hot chocolate instead of tea. Baresso's hot chocolate is a cup of hot milk, 3 amazing sticks of chocolate, and a bowl of whipped cream. Why isn't ALL hot chocolate like this?!

After breakfast, we set out for another day of sightseeing.

The National Museum:

The Royal Stables at Christiansbourg:


We walked down to the Black Diamond (Royal Danish Library) and over to Nyhavn to take a boat tour of the harbor and canals.


Boat selfie:

David in Copenhagen:

Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke) tower:

Librarian selfie in front of the Black Diamond (Royal Danish Library):

Denmark's bridge to nowhere:

After our boat ride as we walked to Paper Island (the loooong way around, thanks to the bridge to nowhere), I spotted this dapper maritime dog:

We finally made it though, and Street Food at Paper Island was totally worth the hike! It's an enormous collection of what would be considered food trucks if they were mobile and outside. It was rather overwhelming, but we got some drinks and shared a variety of dishes from pizza to duck BBQ.

Our walk back found us waiting our a sudden downpour in Christiania, the hippie-commune part of town. No pictures because Annabelle said she would officially disown us if we whipped out our phones and started taking pictures.

Another downpour caught us as we were near the Church of Our Savior, so even though we didn't get to climb the tower, we did get to go into the sanctuary:

The Stork Fountain, which we have walked past a couple times since we have been here:

About halfway between our apartment and Annabelle's is the Round Tower, so we have walked by it many, many times. Annabelle had a Skype meeting with a committee back in Rochester late this afternoon, so Fred and I set off on our own and decided to finally climb the tower. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that instead of stairs, it is a sloping walkway.

A peek into the church on our way up:

The view from the top is quite spectacular:

We had dinner at Restaurant Kultorvet and then met up with Annabelle and headed to Tivoli, an enchanting amusement park right in downtown Copenhagen:

One funny thing happened while we were at Tivoli. Annabelle had gone off in search of her lost youth on a playground and managed to lose the key to her apartment into some shrubbery. We anguished for a moment over whether to try to retrieve it through official channels, but finally we opted to send her over the fence in search of it. "Even if you hear people yelling you," I said, "don't come back until you have the key." Fortunately nobody yelled (or even noticed), but we felt like bad-ass criminals and laughed about it for the rest of the evening. This was the scene of our "crime."

We did some shopping at one of the nice department stores in Tivoli. I got a chuckle out of somebody's subversive merchandizing:

It's Ramadan, and we noticed as we were going into Tivoli that there was some sort of community meal being planned in the square across the street. It was in full swing when we came out:

Another banner FitBit day:

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