Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 6

We headed off in different directions today, our last full day in Denmark, with Annabelle and me going in search of yarn and Fred just wandering around the city. We found the yarn store, but it was closed. I have a few photos, such as this geographically helpful cow:

And this picture Fred took of the Black Diamond:

Our tourist frenzy seems to have worn off, however, so there aren't many photos from today. We did cover plenty of ground though:

We have walked past the Church of Our Lady many times as we've gone from our apartment to Annabelle's and back again:

Tonight we heard a band playing on the steps and went to check it out:

A brief video clip:

We had dinner at Nova, a Mexican restaurant around the corner from Annabelle's apartment. My lovely mojito:

It's rather chilly today, but that didn't stop us from grabbing ice cream after supper:

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