Monday, July 04, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 5

We have really enjoyed having the church and its bells just outside our living room window:

Here's a picture of it from the other side:

And right across the street from that is Rosenborg Castle. I still can't get over the fact that I just HAPPENED to book an Airbnb within a couple blocks of a castle. We started today's wanderings there, where we saw the palace guard getting into formation for the changing of said guard at Amalienborg:

We walked down to Amalienborg for the ceremony. A few random pics:

More pictures of the Nevsky and Marble Churches, just because they're so amazing:

Annabelle took some photos of Fred and me in front of the Marble Church. She said of the bottom right one, "It portrays my mom as an actual fairy princess and my dad as confused but amused and generally cool with it."

After the guard-changing ceremony, we passed the relieved unit headed back to their barracks:

I don't think I have ever seen a Tesla before, but they are everywhere here:

Nikolaj Kunsthal, an arts center in a former church:

At Christiansborg Palace, we went underground to see the ruins of an even older palace that dates back to 1167. It was very interesting but dark, so the only photo I got was one of Annabelle prepping the rodents for one of their Instagram offerings:

We returned to La Glace for a lunch of cake and hot chocolate:

Meanwhile back in Texas, my Baby Bird is sick! Poor Mike has pneumonia and spent the day in the ER:

Feel better soon, sweetie!

Steps walked today:

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