Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend update

We enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day weekend here in Kansas. Friday was Annabelle's last day of school, and she made plenty of time over the next few days for hanging out with friends, watching Dr. Who, and working on her tan at the pool.

Saturday night Fred and I hosted the first neighborhood porch party of the season. Basically the porch party is the lowest-stress type of entertaining ever. The host supplies the ice, some starter beer, and a porch; the guests bring food and more drinks. Everybody brings their kids, and it's a strictly outside sort of affair.

On Sunday we attended the Celebration at the Station, a wonderful concert put on by the Kansas City Symphony in front of Union Station.

There was a big crowd gathered on the lawn between the Liberty Memorial and Union Station, but we had seats up front:

The USAF Brass in Blue kicked off the festivities:

Richard Gibson of the Kansas City Lyric Opera sang "The Star-Spangled Banner":

Who knew my dad was moonlighting as a camera man in Kansas City?!

Jim Birdsall hosted the evening:

One special highlight for us was the inclusion of jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson, who played "America the Beautiful" and "Amazing Grace." He is on the faculty of the jazz camp that Annabelle will attend next month, so it was great to get to hear him perform:

I call this one "Self-Portrait at Intermission":

General Richard Myers, USAF (Ret.), and Lieutenant General David Perkins from Ft. Leavenworth co-narrated the "Armed Forces Salute" and "Taps":

After the sun went down, we saw some pretty lights on the stage and on the station:

And, of course, some fireworks:

To cap off the weekend, here are a few photos from the Memorial Day ceremony here on post on Monday:


Dad said...

Re: "Who knew my dad was moonlighting as a camera man in Kansas City?!"

Hey, you do what you have to to pay the bills. And the job requirements are minimal: (1) know which end of the camera to point; and (2) have nice hair.

Bonnie said...

You should have stopped by to say hello! Or at least put us on TV. ;-)