Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bye bye, birdies

Remember my baby birds from a couple weeks ago? Well, somewhere along the way, we went from 4 babies to 3. I'm not really sure what happened, as I kept a pretty vigilant lookout for birdies gone overboard.

At any rate, for the last week or so, there were 3 babies tucked securely into that nest. During the homes tour on Saturday, I started pointing them out to children but eventually worked them into my standard spiel: "On your way up the stairs, look out the window and back at the porch, and you will see a nest with 3 baby robins in it." Wildlife fun at no extra cost!

It's a good thing the homes tour wasn't a day later. When I finally dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning, I found only 1 little dude, sitting on the edge of the nest, flapping his wings, and trying to get the nerve to try them out. Finally he hopped into a nearby tree:

That picture is a little grainy, as I was shooting through the window screen. I ran outside and got a better shot:

I saw one of his siblings on a nearby branch:

And the other was on my neighbor's air conditioner:

I was a bit worried about that third one, as he just sat there for the longest time. I thought maybe he had hurt himself on the way down, but when I walked over to check on him, he flew about 30 feet away to the top of a tall fence.

So no more birdies for me, at least not for now. I still can't stop checking out the nest every time I go by that window. Maybe we'll get another crop before summer sets in!


Dad said...

Nice pictures! You're a regular John J. Audu-Bonnie!

Buddy posted some homemade photo art today, too. (In which M "moons" the camera!)

Check it out if you dare.

Bonnie said...

Oh, dear, I think I'm scared--I will check though!

I'm having a lot of fun with the new camera.