Monday, May 07, 2012

All dressed up

When the last tour guest left our home a little after 3 Saturday afternoon, our day was really only about half over. Annabelle had a drama party to get to, and Fred and I went to the post-tour dinner, which was followed by a private showing of the homes so that those of us who were on the tour got to see everybody else's houses.

I was just going to put on boring, normal clothes, but Fred said, "No, it's Derby day. We have to wear our hats!"

It's kind of hard to tell, even when you click to expand the picture, but my earrings are little mint juleps. I start wearing them the day of Thunder Over Louisville and wear them right up through Derby but never after. That would just be tacky. Speaking of tacky:

Meanwhile, the theme for the drama banquet was to dress as a famous person. Annabelle chose James Dean as her famous person:

When she got to the party, she found that her friend Dylan had the same idea:

Today one of her friends tagged her on Facebook in this photo, and I thought it was so perfect that I couldn't resist downloading it:

That's my girl!


Mrs. Heiden said...

The Taylor family full of wonderful surprises. Wow!

Bonnie said...

LOL, we are kind of a goofy bunch!

Ninny said...

I luvz the Jamez Dean get-up!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Jenny! The dressing up was fun; the trying to get the pomade out of her hair the next day? Not so much . . .