Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All that jazz

The other night we went to the high school for the band BBQ and awards night. Annabelle was part of a little pep band that played before the dinner while people were arriving:

I got this picture of her with her friend Aimee (and their friend CJ photobombing from behind):

There's going to be a lot more bari sax in our lives next year, as Annabelle will be joining the jazz band. Bari for marching and jazz band, bassoon for concert band. That girl does love her some low notes!

Editing to add: My dad's comment below reminded me of another photo of Annabelle and Aimee that I saw on her Facebook wall:

One of her friends posted it, and Annabelle commented: "Our expressions are those of Superiority---just like the band scores :D"


dad said...

I'd love to see Annabelle and Aimee go through airport security looking just like that! ("No, sir, it's not a pipe bomb, though it is a pipe, and it is da bomb--and no you will NOT remove my shades!")

Bonnie said...

Dad, stand by to see another photo of them looking even more bad ass! I'll add it on to this post.

Kathy said...

Awesome! I have a bass clef kid of my own, as you know. Electric bass in jazz band, sousaphone in marching band, concert tuba in symphonic band. Yeah!

Bonnie said...

We low-note moms must hang together, Kathy! :-)