Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching up

I can't decide how I feel about blogging every day versus NOT blogging every day. On the one hand, making it a daily habit sometimes feels like pressure, and it also pushes more blogworthy items down and off the front page sooner than they might otherwise go. On the other hand, it saves me from having to decide whether or not something is worth blogging about in the first place. I think I'll try blogging each day this week and see how it feels.

We're boringly busy these days:
  • Fred is working like a dog but will be coming to Charlottesville, VA, next month for a conference. We are going to go over to spend the week with him, which will be fun.

  • I have been dividing my time among indexing, editing, Pilates, my one class (that I actually contemplated dropping last week but think that I will gut out anyway), and keeping the kids on the straight and narrow. I am finally getting used to and even liking my contacts (this might have something to do with starting Restasis last week).

  • Mike is trying to get his college applications submitted before fall break next month. He is also gearing up for the start of swim season by alternating visits to the gym with time in the pool. He's doing an internship with the video production department here on post and likes that a lot.

  • Annabelle is doing something a little unconventional this year. She is taking 6 classes instead of the normal 8, but 2 of them are pretty heavily accelerated. She has to work much harder than she's used to in order to stay on top of things, but she seems happy with school in a way that I haven't seen from her in several years.

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