Monday, January 08, 2007

First day (night!) of school

Well, tonight is my first day of library school. That sounds strange, doesn't it?

I thought about having Fred take a "first day" picture of me, like I always take of the kids, but I decided to take advantage of one of the big benefits to distance learning and learn in my PJs. Nobody needs to see that.

I am positively giddy at the idea that not only can I chew gum in class but I could surround myself by an absolute feast! I could sit here with an entire ham, and who would know? Heck, I could even have a glass of wine (except then I might fall asleep before class ends at 10). So I've just got my glass of water in case I get thirsty, but I still am getting a charge out of thinking of all the things I COULD have with me "in class."

If there is one drawback that I can see to distance education, it's lack of access to the informal grapevine. How am I supposed to get the dirt? the 411? the scuttlebutt? Am I going to have to go onto MySpace for that? I never thought about it in my previous educational experiences, but one learns things about courses and teachers and such just from keeping one's ears open while standing in line to buy books. I ordered my books online--there was no scuttlebutt to be had.

Hmmm . . . here's another potential drawback to attending school from home. My stupid cat is standing in my bathroom yowling his head off because he wants somebody to come turn on the water in the sink. That never happened to me in Elizabeth Hall.

Oh, my gosh, it just dawned on me--this is my first time since high school to attend a school with a football team! Is it still football season? Are we winning? I guess I am going to have to start caring about these things.

OK, I am going to go water the cat and then I am going to go to school.

Go, 'Noles!

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