Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I keep forgetting I have a blog. Sorry 'bout that!

Mike came home a week ago, and we've been enjoying having him around. A couple of shots from the airport:

Fred went down to Alabama last weekend for his family reunion. It was ACT weekend for Annabelle though, so we didn't go along. He had a nice visit. A couple of shots (stolen from Facebook) from the reunion:

Annabelle and I are taking off tomorrow for a little 2100-mile roadtrip. She is going to bassoon camp in Interlochen, MI, with a stop along the way to tour Kalamazoo College, and I am going to hang out with a couple friends while she is at camp. Way to break in the new car, eh? I'll try to take lots of pictures while I'm away.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like a great way to break in a new car, for sure. I hope Annabelle enjoys the bassoon camp. My experience with music camps is that they are terrific! She will likely make new friends and learn a lot along the way. Have a safe and fun trip.

Bonnie said...

Bassoon camp was GREAT! (Details and video to follow soon.) I've got the car nice and broken in, and I love it! :-)