Friday, June 29, 2012

Jazz cat

What a musical summer this is turning out to be! We had a day at home to decompress after Interlochen, and then Sunday Annabelle started jazz camp at UMKC. Each student was assigned to an ensemble, and then on Thursday the ensembles did their recital. Here is Annabelle's group (her solo--improvised!!! which totally blows my mind--is in the second number):

I wasn't able to snap a photo of her group all together, so I'm stealing this picture of her with a couple of her jazz friends from her Facebook page:

This concludes the musical portion of Annabelle's summer. Still to go: visits to University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, a week of linguistics camp at Ohio State, and then a few days at a leadership program at KU. Oh, wait, and then band camp. So I guess the musical portion of the summer ISN'T over after all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annabelle,

Go Girl Go! I hope I live long enough to hear you playing with the Lincoln Jazz ensemble in the Big Apple.

Love derby that soon ensemble also.

Your step-great-grandfather, Dave

Anonymous said...

Correction I

the second sentence in my second sentence should read "Loved your basssoon ensemble also.