Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday in San Diego

We've had a lovely last day in California, starting with meeting my friend Tim from high school and his family for breakfast:

We met Tim for breakfast in the summer of 2001 when we stopped in California on our way back from Hawaii:

After breakfast, we hung out in the hotel for the afternoon, leaving briefly for a little stroll when housekeeping came by to make the beds. Here are Fred and Annabelle shivering by the water:

More trees, freaky or just plain pretty:

One of the rescue seals in the Bahia Resort Seal Pool:

Later in the afternoon, we drove downtown to the waterfront for an amazing supper at The Fish Market. Two mojitos later, I decided we had to have this shot in front of the USS Midway:

My final act in San Diego was stopping by the side of the road to take cuttings of the amazing succulent that grows everywhere:

I'm going to take them home and try to root them.

It has been a lovely visit to California, but I am eager to get back home to Kansas!

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