Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mike v. Food

You might remember how last year, Mike capped off his freshman year at FSU by successfully completing the Quint-Quint-Double Challenge at the Tomahawk Sports Bar. That was 12 burger patties, each with a slice of cheese, plus a pound of fries, finished in 29 minutes.

This year, he went to Monk's Bar and Grill and took on their burger challenge. He was successful, finishing this beast of a burger in under 30 minutes:

For his prize, he got to name his burger creation. So if you're ever in Tally and in the mood for an 81-ounce burger with a pound of cheese and, as Mike would say, "some random ass cucumber slices and carrot sticks," go to Monk's and ask for the "Come At Me, 'Bro" burger. Tell 'em Mike Taylor sent you.

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