Thursday, March 10, 2011

Try not to miss me!

Ah, irony! I'm about to embark on my most blog-worthy week in ages, and I'll have limited Internet access. Annabelle and I are heading over to Europe for spring break along with my sister-in-law Michelle and niece Caroline. We'll spend tonight in Kansas City at a hotel very close to the airport, the better to make our crack-of-dawn flight to London tomorrow morning.

We'll be spending the first 3 nights in London with Annabelle's best friend from Texas (Annie) and her family. Then we're taking the Eurostar to Paris and spending 3 nights in the hotel we stayed at when we went from Germany in 2004. (Oh, there's an idea! You can go back and read about that here and here and here and here.) Then we will finish the trip off with 4 nights in Heidelberg with Annabelle's best friend from Kentucky (Katherine) and her family.

I'll take lots of pictures, and I plan on keeping a daily journal on paper that I can transcribe once we're home. I might be checking in occasionally via Michelle's iPad as well, but I'm not going to try to fix my sidebar or answer comments until we're back.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You have a great time, but I can't promise not to miss you; I always do!

Love, Grandma

Teresa said...

Oh, have fun! Big hugs to Caroline (and Annabelle for me)! Fred gets to be by himself and John is at home with 2 little ones. Who gets the easiest deal in that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, if you have some time when you are in HD, I'd love to meet you! I have been working out of HD (OSJA, V Corps, I'Law) since last summer when the MLC closed due to troop reductions in the MA/HD area. My work phone is: 06221/57-5848. Have a great trip! Sibylle

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Grandma and Teresa! Having a great time so far.

Sibylle, I would love to! Can you email me? I don't have my plans firmed up yet.

Bill Terry said...

Color me green - no not St Patrick's but envy. Please have a brat and beer for me

Bill Terry