Saturday, March 19, 2011

Germany: Day 2

Somewhere between Paris and Heidelberg, the beautiful weather we had been blessed with for the first part of our trip turned dark, cold, and dreary, which is why there is no Germany: Day 1 post. We spent yesterday sleeping late and doing laundry, and nobody wants to see pictures of that.

We took the train to Heidelberg on Thursday to stay with Annabelle's friend Katherine and her family. Caroline fit in with Katherine's little sisters as if they had been friends forever, so they disappeared upstairs to play as soon as the girls got home from school yesterday, while Annabelle and Katherine retreated to the basement to catch up on 2 years worth of gossip and giggling.

This morning started off bleak weather-wise, which worried me a little. Our big plan for the day was to meet friends for lunch on the Hauptstrasse and then spend some time shopping. By the time we left the house though, the sun was peeping out, and by early afternoon the weather was back to gorgeous.

We had a lovely lunch at Cafe Schafheutle with my long-time friend Sibylle and my loyal blog reader, Facebook friend, and now real-life friend Heather:

After lunch, we walked up and down the Hauptstrasse, enjoying the lovely day:

I took this picture of Annabelle and Katherine in front of the castle:

They sure have grown up since Katherine moved away from Fort Knox in 2007:

Annabelle also got a chance to catch up with her friend Matthew:

Matthew played Sweeney Todd to Annabelle's Mrs. Lovett for Halloween of 2007:

I can't believe our trip is almost over!

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