Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busted water pipeSnow day!

Annabelle and I spent the days leading up to yesterday hoping feverishly for a snow day. Accordingly I felt almost a little guilty when they called Sunday night to declare a day off for just the high school on account of a broken water pipe. By dawn, however, it had turned into a general snow day for all the county schools.

We've been feeling cheated over the past few weeks, as it seems the southeast has been hogging all the snow while all we've gotten is a couple of pathetic dustings. We made up for it yesterday, however:

I took that one single picture when I took the dog out at noon, and then I stayed inside for the rest of the day, working with my photos and drinking hot tea.

The snow did a number on our cable service, however. The Internet was glitchy all afternoon and gone by evening, which is why I didn't post the pic before I went to bed. But then! horror of horrors! the TV went out early in the fourth quarter of the BCS championship game.

Now this doesn't mean beans to me--I was snug in bed reading a book--but I heard a cry of distress from Fred in the man cave upstairs. We called Time Warner, but the recorded voice informed us that yes, they knew of the problem and don't worry, we'll have it fixed . . . within 90 minutes. Bonnie to the rescue! I found the game for him on my cellphone, so instead of watching on the 55-inch TV, he watched it like this:

Now it's sunny and c-c-cold out there (6 degrees). Leavenworth canceled classes for today as of last night, so Annabelle is enjoying her second unexpected day off. I'm supposed to start my new internship this afternoon at UMKC, assuming I can get there and back safely.

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Teresa said...

Bonnie, to the rescue! And yes, we are hogging the snow, but you can have it back anytime you want it!