Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I "otter" catch up on this blog

I came home from San Antonio to find Fred gravely ill with some sort of infection or inflammation in his shoulder. Tricare was a bureaucratic pain in the ass and very nearly kept him from much-needed surgery. But he was rescued by an old friend who is now the commander of a major military hospital elsewhere in the country who became aware of Fred's plight when I bitched about it on Facebook. Long story short, Fred wound up having surgery at Ft. Belvoir and staying in the hospital 5 days. He is home now and on IV antibiotics for the next couple of weeks. The quality of care was terrific, but the roadblocks to receiving that care were inexcusable.

The details and pictures are all on Facebook, and I don't really feel like revisiting it here.

But look! Annabelle and her rodent friends went to the aquarium in Copenhagen and visited with some otters:

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