Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sad news (again)

Last May, my grandmother died on my grandfather's birthday; today, he died on hers. My grandparents divorced many years ago and went on to find new love and happiness. I'm grateful to them both for adding to our family a lot of wonderful people we wouldn't have otherwise known. Funny how life works out, isn't it?

Here are a couple of pictures from January 2005 when we visited with Grandpa and Teresa in Tampa while Fred was deployed to Iraq. This was just after the Great Unicycle Christmas:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Bonnie. Cute pictures of all of you. It was really nice to see you and Fred on Wednesday. I'm so glad you were both able to be there.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Julia, and thanks especially for helping to set up such a nice lunch for after the service! It was great food and really wonderful to have a room all to ourselves. I can't wait to get the picture of Grandpa and me dancing at my wedding! :-)

Dad said...

I've scanned it, Bonnie. I'll send it to you today. (And Julia, I'll try to remember to mail both photos back to you tomorrow.)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing the pic, Julia, and thanks for scanning it, Dad! It's on my blog now. :-)