Sunday, March 11, 2012

Musical weekend

Yesterday Fred and I took Annabelle and her friend Aimee over to K-State for Bassoon Afternoon. Basically, that's when high-school bassoonists from all over the state get together for a day of lessons and bonding, culminating in a little performance at the end of the day. Here's the entire group, including their K-State teachers:

And here are the Leavenworth bassoons:

For the performance at the end of the day, each group is assigned a new-to-them piece that they work up in just a few hours. Annabelle's group played "Gavotte in G Major":

And the whole group got together to play "Wildcat Victory March" for a finale:

But the music wasn't over yet! That night the chamber choir from St. Benedict and St. John's colleges in Minnesota was performing in Leavenworth as part of their spring break tour, and we had agree to host a couple of the girls overnight.

Their concert was amazing! Here's a sample:

We had such fun afterwards bringing 2 of the girls home for an overnight and hearing all about their tour. Too bad they had to be back at the bus at 6:45 a.m. today! Not an easy time under any conditions, let alone the day after the dreaded springing forward. Needless to say, there was a substantial nap in my future after that!

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