Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing tourist

We had a great time this past weekend! My friends Pat and Melissa came up from Texas for a business trip and planned a couple extra days for hanging out with us.

On Sunday we drove over to Kansas City to visit the World War I museum, which was fascinating. The museum itself is underneath the Liberty Memorial:

After we wandered around inside and looked at all the exhibits, we went to the top of the memorial for some really great views of the city:

We thought this was interesting. We drove past it on our way in, and it looked like a stack of random shipping containers. If you look at it kind of squinty though from a distance, it sends a message:

Here we are up at the top, Fred and me:

Pat and Melissa:

After the museum, we went over to Union Station, which you can see just beyond the green lawn in this picture:

Today Melissa and I were able to squeeze in one last lunch together:

We need to not wait 8 years to get together next time!

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