Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Here comes the band!

After many exhausting, painful, and sweaty hours spent at band practice over the past month, Annabelle finally got her first taste of a marching performance and loved it! The band performed for the first time this year at the football game last Friday night.

Here is part of the band lined up for the pre-game show:

This is a close-up of the same view. Annabelle is the one with the big-ass saxophone:

Here's a video of them playing the National Anthem:

Some sky-divers landed before the game, including the LHS mascot, Pioneer Pete:

Annabelle's friends Ben and Edd accompanied us to the game. Ben is also Annabelle's saxophone teacher:

Lined up on the sidelines, waiting for halftime:

And here is the halftime show:

We lost the game, but the consensus among people who know these things was that we did better than expected. Can't wait for the next game!


Anonymous said...

A marching bari sax is indeed a sight to behold! Congrats, because I could definitely hear them in the “Star Spangled Banner.” Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Wow! that brings back pleasant memories. I played trombone in Battle Creek, MI band '44 - '46 and North High, Columbus, OH
The BC band was good enough to play for the opening game at Michigan State (before they were in the Big Ten.)

Annabelle, you can't emagine how proud you made your great-grandmother, Grace feel.

Go Girl Go!


Mimmy Boyd said...

Great show, Annabelle! All the hard work and sweat has paid off. I enjoyed the show!

Teresa said...

They look good! That bari sax is amazing (really the girl carrying it!) Elliott is loving band too. They placed 2 out of 26 in their first cometition this past weekend. They are playing at the Wofford-Appalachian State college game half time this weekend.

Bonnie said...

Thank you, everybody, for the nice comments! New Year's resolution: be better about answering comments. :-)