Monday, September 26, 2011

Homecoming 2011

The past 2 weeks were homecoming for the high school. They had a variety of dress-up spirit days. Annabelle participated in a couple of those, such as "generations day," in which juniors dressed as little kids:

And "would you be my friend if I wore this day":

Unfortunately, I didn't get up early and take pictures on "identity theft day," in which she poofed her hair and donned a black blazer and flag pin and went as Sarah Palin. I hear she had some of the teachers in stitches with her spot-on impersonation!

Friday night was the homecoming parade and game. The band performed their show before the game (along with the national anthem and school song) since half-time would be all about the homecoming court. I recorded it with my dinky little camera, but I found a better recording on YouTube (Annabelle starts off on the right-hand 45-yard line, in case you want to try to follow her):

Here's a still shot of part of the band. You can click to make it bigger, the better to see Annabelle standing on the 40-yard line:

Saturday night was all about the dance, which she went to with a group of friends. They met at one friend's house for sparkling cider:

and pictures, first inside:

then outside:

and finally, outside with a touch of crazy:

Then they set off for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant before going to the dance. We picked her up at 11, and she reported that it was a great evening but that her feet were killing her!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The band performance brought tears to my eyes!
That last picture of the girls looks the girls I had in my chemistry class in 1982 in Sycamore Ohio.
Personally I think this country's future is in good hands.
Bonnie, what a wonderful set of blogs. Glad to see Fred , but what happened to his arm?

Nutifafa, Dave

Mimmy Boyd said...

Enjoyed the photos of Annabelle and all the girls. Would love to have seen the Sarah Palin look. Any chance of a do-over?
The band show was great. They have a good sound. I just wonder how Annabelle can run carrying that big bari sax!

Bonnie said...

Aw, thanks, Dave! When people ask Fred what happened to his arm, he says "cast iron skillet," but it was really shoulder surgery.

Mom, we are going to do a do-over. This weekend was just too busy though.