Thursday, April 14, 2011

You never know what you'll find . . .

. . . when you're walking the dog.

Today, for example, when I walked out the back door, I heard the sound of bagpipes wafting through the air. I followed my ears and found a bagpiper (bagpipist?) in the gazebo in the park:

Turns out that he usually practices in the chapel, but the chapel was locked today. He decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and play outside.

Speaking of beautiful weather, as soon as I post this, the weather will take a turn for the worse, but we have been having some gorgeous days lately. Spring has finally sprung!


Anonymous said...

How neat to find a bagpiper in a gazebo! Thanks for sharing. And thanks just for blogging; it always starts my day off better when I "hear" from you.

What kind of tree is that all decked out with pink blossoms? Some kind of fruit, I guess; and it is beautiful.

Love, Grandma

Bonnie said...

Grandma, the tree behind the bagpiper is a crepe myrtle--I think--and the one below is some sort of magnolia. Can't wait to see you next weekend! Love, Bonnie