Monday, April 04, 2011

Honors, honors everywhere

When we landed in Dallas on our way back from Europe, I checked my voicemail and had a message from Annabelle's guidance counselor. Turns out Annabelle had been accepted in the National Honor Society, and the induction ceremony was being held that very night! The ceremony started around the time we landed, and even if the timing hadn't been an issue, we were looking pretty weary from the road and not in any condition for a ceremony of any sort, so she picked up her t-shirt and certificate later that week at school.

It's a really active program. They meet every Wednesday at 7:00 before school, and she has already participated in her first service project: helping out with Special Olympics on Saturday morning. It's a great group of kids, and I know she'll get a lot out of it!

Meanwhile, Mike's grades last semester got him into FSU's honors program, which means that he'll have access to some special classes and--the biggie!--get priority like a senior for class registration. That already came in very handy when registering for next year!

Fred and I went down to Tallahassee last week to see Mike inducted into FSU's chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman honor society. Along the way, we spent the weekend in DeLand where we hit Stetson homecoming. I caught up with a classmate from both high school and college:

and Fred got together with his fraternity brothers:

We also had a lovely Sunday brunch with my grandparents before heading back up to Tally.

On Monday we finally got to meet Mike's new roommate, Chris, who joined us for lunch at Mike's favorite FSU dining facility, which is located in a building on the outskirts of the football stadium:

That night we went to Gordo's for some amazing Cuban food:

After supper we went to the induction ceremony, which was very nice. There were several hundred students there, and I was a bit nervous that it would take forever to recognize each one, but they were very efficient. Afterward, we stopped by the reception at the University Center Club, which looks out over the stadium. You can kind of get the idea here:

We didn't stay long at the reception, because Mike had PT early the next morning, and Fred and I had to get up to catch our plane home. So we stopped for one quick photo and then headed out:

We are proud of our amazing kids!


Anonymous said...

time...and so say we all!

I'm hoping to go home from the hospital today if I can sneak out through the showers. I'm doing fine except for a small kidney malfunction, and there appears to be no specific treatment for that.

Time for lunch; gotta go.

LOve, Grandma

Bonnie said...

Hi, Grandma! I didn't realize you had Internet access at the hospital, but why am I not surprised? Hurry up and get better!

Love, Bonnie