Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowzilla: Day 2

This is what it looks like out there today:

Needless to say, we stayed hunkered down.

Fred had a brilliant idea yesterday and put a piece of carpet padding out in the yard. Every couple hours he goes out and brushes the snow off of it, lifts it back, and voila! instant dog potty:

Ginger is most appreciative:

My poor car is disappearing beneath the drifts:

We've done a little work around the house. Fred focused on installing some lights. This is a huge improvement over the naked lightbulb we've had hanging there for months:

Meanwhile I got my beloved ceramic monkeys, which I got at Gold Rush 2006, out of the storage boxes and restored them to their rightful place between Scarlett and Ceiling Cat:

I also got a little knitting done:

No cabin fever yet!

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