Saturday, June 21, 2014

Anniversary dinner cruise

Fred and I have celebrated our fair share of anniversaries either apart or under less than ideal circumstances (looking at you, Outback Steakhouse in Meridian, MS, with our kids in 1999). This year we decided to live it up by going on a Potomac River dinner cruise.

Here we are as we got on board:

And who was our next-door neighbor in the harbor? Oh, just the presidential yacht!

The food was really good, and the monuments were just lovely as we glided by:

Towards the end of the evening, the band did a special song for couples celebrating milestones. You know how there's always that one adorable old couple? Well, on this particular cruise, WE were the adorable old couple as we took the dance floor with a pair of newly weds and a couple celebrating 10 years!

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