Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Annabelle rides the metro

Given that she didn't go to high school here, Annabelle doesn't have any high-school friends to get together with when she's home on break. Fortunately though, she does have some college friends who are either from the area or come through for a visit. She is also very independent though and doesn't mind striking out on her own for adventure. She has started a photo album on Facebook called "Annabelle Rides the Metro," and she said I could share some of her photos here.

Last month we all went to a park in Maryland to see one of her Rochester friends perform in a Latvian folk band:

A couple days later they got together to explore the city. They had a lot of fun, but unfortunately they got caught in quite a downpour:

Today another friend came through for a visit. They did some typical touristy sites:

They also found the grave of Grace Hopper:

They stopped at the Lincoln Memorial for a tourist selfie:

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