Saturday, September 07, 2013

Little dog, big campus

Living in the DC area is really fun, but it's also really expensive, and that includes the cost of dog boarding. Oh, how we miss Main Street Pet Resort and their doggie bus that would pick Ginger up and drop her back at home for a shockingly reasonable rate! Rather than spend several hundred dollars to leave Ginger behind, we decided to bring her along on our journey.

This afternoon, Sarah wanted to take Ginger to visit the FSU campus. We started at the "Unconquered" statue:

Mike and Sarah had told us about the sod cemetery where little bits of turf from important away victories are buried. I had to see that:

The sod cemetery is located just outside the practice field. We could hear the team finishing up practice, and as we were standing there, they started streaming by.

And then this happened:

Yeah, this might just have been the best day of Mike's life!

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