Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fan grrl

I was lying in bed this morning browsing through my Twitter feed when I saw that Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig and Senator Elizabeth Warren would be speaking at the Capitol this afternoon about corruption in politics and the upcoming Supreme Court case McCutcheon v. FEC. I've been a fan of Lessig's since my Information Policy class in library school, and I relied heavily on his work in teaching my copyright class last spring. I found myself wishing I could go, and then it hit me: I could! So I got myself down to the metro and soloed into the city for the first time.

Capitol selfie:

The talks were very informative and inspirational. You can (and should!) watch them here:

After the talk, people were lining up to talk to Professor Lessig, but I was the only one asking for a picture. Can't help it--I'm a geeky fangirl!

On the ride home, I snapped a pic of Fred's new office building:

I love living here!

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