Sunday, May 19, 2013

Graduation weekend

Congratulations to Annabelle for her graduation yesterday!

Because we were up in the stands of the football stadium, I wasn't able to get any really good pictures of the ceremony. Mike took a pretty nice one of the cap toss at the end though:

Here's a family photo from afterwards, as well as a slightly blurry one of Annabelle and Mike:

A couple of her with friends after the ceremony:

And the public relations person from her school shared these photos that she took from right in the middle of things:

We put Mike on a plane back to Florida this morning and wrapped up the weekend with one last scholarship ceremony at a really nice luncheon in Kansas City:

Well done, Annabelle! We are all so proud of you!

PS: Hat tip to Mike for learning how to tie a bow tie for the occasion!

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