Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome home, Mike!

Mike spent 4 weeks at Field Training this summer as part of his AFROTC scholarship. He graduated on Monday, August 6. We weren't able to go, but his girlfriend, Sarah, did, and she sent me some photos:

We were on hand at the airport the next day though to welcome him home:

I can't believe he's already been home a week already! He says Field Training was the "most fun [he] never wants to have again."

Annabelle goes back to school tomorrow, and Mike leaves to go back to Tally on Sunday. This has been a great summer, but it has gone by way too fast (except for those 4 Field Training weeks)!


Anonymous said...

WOW, but a beautiful looking couple!!

If Sarah has a personality anything like her smile, Mike has a real winner.

Love, Joy and Peace,


Bonnie said...

Oh, yes, Sarah is a total sweetheart! :-)