Thursday, August 16, 2012

Look who's a senior!

I got all nostalgic and inspired after dropping Annabelle off for her first day of senior year yesterday and created this:

It looks like it should be a pretty good year! She finished up her fourth year of English at the community college this summer, so her academic courses are AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Physics. She's also got a semester of Web Design and a semester of Psychology to finish off general graduation requirements. Best of all, she's got 3 hours of the arts: A Capella Choir, Band, and Jazz Band.


BUDDY said...

Senior year--Yaaay!!!

Senior moment--Booo!!!

Nice composite! Annabelle, you are so cute it just makes my teeth itch.

Bonnie said...

Aw, Buddy, you're pretty cute yourself! :-)