Sunday, February 05, 2012

Happy birthweekend to me!

I managed to stretch my 45th birthday out over several fun-filled days. On Friday, my actual birthday, Annabelle had a band lock-in, so Fred and I went out to dinner on our own. This wasn't a "birthday dinner"; it was more of "girl's gotta eat and isn't cooking on her birthday" sort of deal. The next day, we went out to try the new German restaurant in town.

Here's Annabelle and her friend Maggie, who came with us:

And Fred and me:

My Jaegerschitzel:

And Fred's Sauerbraten:

Tonight we capped off the weekend with a Superbowl party. Granted that was more about football than me, but it was an excellent excuse to make baked brie, which is my new cheesy obsession.


Anonymous said...

A Belated Happy Birthday from David D.!! I wush I could be around when you hit 90!!!

Loved your recent blogs - when you blog you BLOG!

Go GIRL Go!!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Dave! I'm trying to be a better blogger this year. :-)