Saturday, December 26, 2015

Photo shoot

Well, for as warm as it has been lately, it sure was cold today when we met Marisa of White Sparks Photography for a photo shoot at the Air Force Memorial! I've been wanting to get a professional portrait of Mike in his uniform and some shots of Mike and Sarah together to go with my pic of Annabelle and Harvey. Here are a couple of my amateur shots, just clowning around:

See why I need a pro?

Here are the portraits of Mike in his uniform that inspired me to book this session in the first place. I'm getting the top on in an 8X10 and the bottom one in a big square to hang next to the Annabelle/Harveys pic:

Then there's this really nice shot of Mike and Sarah:

And some goofy ones too, but I'm ordering them because I think their personalities shine through:

I'm also going to order a couple more pictures from Annabelle's photo shoot last year. Here's one for the grandparents:

And Annabelle wants this one to give to Sam:

And I need this one because it's the most perfect picture ever taken of any cat:

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