Sunday, April 05, 2015

Girls' weekend

Jenny and I had a great time this weekend exploring the city with 3 of her friends (now my friends, too!) from work. They were a little early for the full cherry blossom experience, but we had fun nonetheless.

Some photo highlights:

We did find SOME blossoms . . . near Starbucks!

Stopped in at the American History Museum so Jenny could take counting lessons from an expert (sorry so dark):

I finally got to visit the National Archive!

When it rains . . . it's in my dining room! We are still working out the kinks in the new house, and it turns out we need to find a plumber. Something has gone wrong in the upstairs hall bathtub:

Jeffersonian selfie:

Monumental selfie:

Reflective selfie (hi, Kim!):

Floral selfie:

The Executive Office Building sure looks pretty at night:

Our whole group, relaxing after hiking at least 8 miles in one day:

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