Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not tired, just REtired

What an exciting weekend this has been! We had Fred's retirement ceremony Friday afternoon in the park across the street from our house and his party that night. His parents and all 3 of his brothers were able to join us, which made the event all the more special. Here are some photo highlights from the day (click to see 'em bigger).

Mike and Annabelle:

Fred and his brothers:

Taylor family photo:

Handsome dudes in uniform:

The 4 of us:

Me with some of my friends:

Jennifer wins the prize for coming the farthest for the event (she is on her way from Korea to Virginia):

Fred receiving his award:

I love the perspective in this one of me receiving an award:

Fred's brother James took these of the kids receiving their "Brat" awards from LTG Perkins:

Fred giving his post-ceremony remarks:

That night at the party, we played this amazing slideshow that Fred's deputy, Luisa, put together:

I smiled my way through the ceremony, but the video gets me every time!

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