Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to Kansas

Annabelle got home late last night from her choir trip to Orlando and the Bahamas. It sounds like she had a lovely time and is now ready for a week of stay-cation.

An envelope arrived from the University of Rochester right after she left. It was the results of her application to their GEAR program, a 5-year undergrad/graduate program in the engineering school. It was killing me not to open it, but I was a good girl and waited (especially because when I accidentally held the envelope up to a bright light and squinted, I could make out the word "Congratulations!"). She had me open it and tell her the results while she was travelling from Orlando to Kansas City by way of Chicago, and it was indeed good news. So assuming she sticks with computer science (or another engineering field), she's already got one acceptance for her masters degree!

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