Thursday, November 01, 2012

Taking care of October

Oh, hi, blog! Kind of forgot about you for a while. Actually, I kept meaning to get caught up but just found myself getting further and further behind. I'm motivated to blog today just to cover my bases in case I decide I want to participate in NaBloPoMo this year (but I seriously doubt it). Here are the highlights from October:

October 3-5: Re-visit to Macalester College in Minnesota

My friend Barbara says it's always fall in college, and the few pictures I took from this most recent (and FINAL!!!) college tour seem to support that:

The squirrels at Macalester are a diverse bunch:

Annabelle had a great visit, and while she was sitting in on classes, Fred and I got to meet up with my friend Emily for a cup of coffee:

October 18: College applications are all done, and the first acceptance is here!

It will be mid-December at the earliest before she hears from any of the others, but University of Pittsburgh is a yes (with an invitation to join their Honors College):

October 20: Haunted Leavenworth

Annabelle worked a couple of nights for the Haunted Leavenworth tour as a service project for NHS. One night she got to portray the Lady in Black:

October 20: USAPL Florida Collegiate Championship

Mike traveled to Orlando with his FSU teammates to take part in this powerlifting meet. Here's a video of his lifts:

He placed third in his weight class!

October 26: Marching band season is over

I kept thinking I would get some good video to share, but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards. The band had a great season though and got ones (superior) at both of their competitions. They still have the Veterans' Day parade, but now attention turns to concert band and pep band and, of course, jazz band. It looks like Annabelle is going to stay on the baritone sax for the remainder of the year, which she is very happy about. She's having a blast with it!

And now you know what Paul Harvey would have called "the rest of the story!"


Barbara said...

Beautiful photos Bonnie. Congrats on surviving the college admissions process!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Barbara! :-)

BUDDY said...

Re the picture of Annabelle gussied up as the Lady in Black: M says to tell her he had a couple of great-aunts who ALWAYS dressed like that!

I was "The Big HalloWeenie" again this year.