Monday, January 02, 2012

Band on the run

Annabelle left at the crack of dawn the day after Christmas to join 50-something other members of her high-school band on a marvelous odyssey to Florida. Three theme parks, one parade, and performing in the half-time show at the Champs Bowl (go, 'Noles!), all sandwiched between 2 24-hour bus rides. She had a fabulous time and arrived home Saturday night utterly exhausted.

On Thursday, Fred and Mike and I put on our best FSU finery and went up to the man cave to watch the game on TV:

It's the first time I can remember caring one way or the other about the outcome of a football game. Of course, what I REALLY cared about seeing was the half-time show, but naturally ESPN couldn't be bothered to show that, instead choosing to focus on some bitter old man talking smack about FSU. I've been waiting none too patiently since then for a video clip to come online, and it finally happened today.

If you look at the back of the short line on the left-hand 41-yard-line, you can see the speck that is Annabelle:

The kids were kept busy almost every moment they were in Florida, but Jenny and Jeff managed to surprise Annabelle at supper Friday night before the second 24-hour bus ride:

Annabelle was too tired to stay awake to ring in the new year once she got home, but it was well worth it. She had a blast and made a lifetime of memories!


Mimmy Boyd said...

AWESOME!!!! Spectacular show - sound was amazing and coordination was great! Wish we could have visited with Annabelle when she was in Florida but am glad that Jenny and Jeff were able to surprise her at dinner.

Papa Boyd said...

I'm so glad Jenny and Jeff got to see AB while she was down. Wish we could have, too. Great show, Annabelle!

By the way, that's a NICE 1993 FSU National Champions sweatshirt on the couch behind Mike. But he was just a yearling back then! Where on earth did he score such a treasure? Hmmm?

And why is Ginger not wearing my equally nice 1999 FSU National Champs cap? (Maybe it was in Orlando with Annabelle?)

And finally, how 'bout those crazy, almost-underachieving 'Noles?

Ninny di Beppo said...

Way to go, Annabelle! Glad Jeff and I were able to see you at dinner. Wish we could have seen you perform at the game, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Annabelle enjoyed her experience. It sound like it was was a great way to ring out the old year.