Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Bird is 19!

Hard to believe that Mike is already 19. Time flies blah blah blah! I spent some time with my scanner this morning and scanned in (in something like 8 separate passes, which I then lovingly stitched together in Photoshop Elements) the 2-page spread I made of his first birthday (click to see it bigger):

Also, I don't believe I have ever shared his birth announcement on here:

Weren't Fred and I terribly clever (not to mention young looking!) back in the day?


Anonymous said...

Bonnie and Fred, you've done a great job in parenting!

Imagine from a not so tiny baby to a bright young man in only 19 years.

Last night I watched a re-run of the NCAA championship volleyball match between UCSB and Ohio State and noted that one of the OSU player looked like Mike and he was a senior. And I always sensed that Mike is so proud of his parents too.

Every time I go past Belini's I'm reminded of the many meals we had with your fine family.



Bonnie said...

Thanks, Dave! I'm coming to Florida for a quick visit this week. Let's go to Bellini's! I'll email you to set the details. :-)